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2014.11.13 The GAHP technology, namely the absorption heat pump powered by natural gas and air-source renewable energy, represents the best option to improve building energy efficiency, report representatives of the HEAT4U European Project

The goals have been largely met and discussed today with appreciation of Dr. Paul Lemmens - European Commission DG Research and Innovation - and Prof. Samuel Furfari - Policy Coordinator of the European Commission DG Energy and Transport – who took part, along with all the partners of the Consortium, to the final meeting of the project at the Robur headquarters in Bergamo.

The final results of the project have confirmed that the absorption heat pump powered by natural gas GAHP is a high-value solution and already in line with the new and future standards for the rational use of energy and renewable energy sources, and fully compatible with the existing distribution networks. So through GAHP technology natural gas becomes the "key enabler of energy efficiency and renewable energy."

The Chairman of Robur Benito Guerra and Project Coordinator Luigi Tischer explained the steps and the main results of the work. "The research has shown that the market share to which this technology is relevant is not a small segment. This solution dramatically improves the energy efficiency of most of the existing buildings in Europe", Tischer reports.

After market studies have therefore identified and confirmed the GAHP heat pump features and its huge market potential, the prototypes have been built together with the control systems. They have been tested and validated at the two new centres of excellence -built under the project-: Relab at the Politecnico di Milano and the laboratory of the Fraunhofer Institute in Freibourg.

The technology was later also tested in a series of real installations in single-family residential buildings in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Poland. The results speak for themselves: the heat pump GAHP can increase by over 35% the energy efficiency compared to the best condensing boilers thanks to the use of renewable energy, with the resulting cost savings and environmental benefits.

2014.09.17-19 ROBUR'll take part to the IGRC2014

Held in Copenhagen, Denmark September 17-19, 2014, IGRC, organized by the International Gas Union and the Danish Gas Technology Centre, is the premier global gas R&D technology conference.
IGRC2014 intends to facilitate a dialogue between technology and business leaders across all areas essential to the future gas system.
Technology will be the key to the future.
Among the topic introduced by ROBUR is the RETROFITTING OF HISTORICAL BUILDINGS - OPPORTUNITIES AND SOLUTIONS BY THE Gas Absorption Heat Pump TECHNOLOGY powered by natural gas.
The cost-saving energy strategies are highly qualifying for a modern European Nation and make retrofitting a great chance. Nowadays it is well known that the most part of energy consumption is due to winter heating. Moreover, most of the investments for energy consumption reduction are made for upgrading existing buildings, and especially historical buildings. In this case, retrofitting is not an easy task due to technical, site and economic constraits and often preserving the historical value becomes a challenge.
Gas absorption heat pump technology may have a great contribution in achieving high energy efficiency in retrofitting historical buildings.
For further information: www.igrc2014.com

2014.05 E-Learing Course

It is now available the English and Italian language e-learning course on Gas Absorption Heat Pumps.
The E-learning course is dedicated to the HVAC designers.

2014.03.28 A new technology for the Danish market: THE DGC FORUM

On The 28th of March ROBUR took part to the WORKSHOP “Gas absorption heat pumps, a new technology for the Danish market”.
A workshop organised by Danish Gas Center / FAU GI.
Venue: HMN Naturgas, Gladsaxe Ringvej 11, 2860 Søbor
The Workshop aimed at disseminating Gas absorption technology and also to improve installation skills.

2013.05.30-31 Egatec 2013

The European Gas Technology Conference 2013 (EGATEC 2013) took place in Paris, France on May 30-31, 2013 and has been organized under the joint auspices of MARCOGAZ and GERG representing the complete technological arm of the European gas industry.
EGATEC 2013 is hosted by the French Gas Association (AFG) and GDF SUEZ.
A PAPER has been held regarding the absorption technology.
Among the parteners: GDF SUEZ, GrDF, DGC and MARCOGAZ

2013.12 Field tests

The development of the appliance phase has been concluded with the delivery of 5 field test prototypes that will be installed in selected sites in France, UK, Poland, Germany and Italy covering different climate conditions. The Project HAS ENTERED the demonstration phase with the final purpose of validating the performances of the technology in real life conditions and to deliver relevant information on how to optimize its overall implementation and integration in the retrofitting environment.

2012.10.14 HEAT4U Next Steps

Dissemination is considered a key factor for this project to inform the target users groups and to communicate and exploit project results, to increase the innovative impact at European level. Here you can find the most important events:

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2012.10.13 First results of the HEAT4U Project

The result of the first year of the HEAT4U Project have been introduced during the Conference held in October “HEAT4U. First year, first Results”. The activity has been started from the analysis on market opportunities and value chain of Gas Absorption Heat Pumps for existing residential buildings and the development of the technology, in particular the optimization of the capacity modulation, reducing power consumption and sound pressure. Moreover, construction of test laboratories at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Fraunhofer Institute was started according to EN12309 protocol. The first prototypes have fully confirmed the performances expected and the solution of the technological challenges posed by this project, namely bringing the Gas Absorption Heat Pump technology into the typical power range of single-family detached residential homes and reaching an estimated global efficiency on primary energy of 150%.
The activity also focused on the development of design and aeroacustic optimization. The work began with an analysis of aeroacustic benchmark with equivalent heat pump units. Then, different design solutions have been carried out. Styling, functionality, innovative, user friendly, robust: these are the keywords of the design work.
Discover the results of the first year of the HEAT4U Project:

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2012.10.11-12 "First year, first results" Conference

Robur, coordinator of the HEAT4U Project, hosted institutional representatives, managers from top firms and HVAC professionals in a Conference entitled “HEAT4U. 1st year, first results”, held on 11th and 12th October 2012 at Fortezza Viscontea in Cassano d’Adda, near Milan. The conference has hosted an important panel of speakers, from public administrations, research sector and HEAT4U Project Consortium Partners. Aim of the conference was to highlight the latest regulatory scenarios and incentive measures in the field of energy efficiency and thermal renewable energy and and to focus on latest results of Heat4U Project.

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2012.05.08 "Create the logo" Contest

The Award Ceremony has been held on the 8th of May, at the Pininfarina headquarters in Cambiano (TO). Together with the three finalists, the ceremony has been attended by representatives of companies taking part to the HEAT4U Project and by some professors of IAAD in Turin (Applied Art and Design Institute) who have joined the initiative, confirming that the contest has created a profitable cooperation between business world and academia...

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2012.03.27 First results

The first deliverables of the project have been formalized to the European Commission, in advance of the due date. The Consortium HEAT4U unveils the first encouraging results in solving the technological challenges and bringing the absorption technology in the power range of the typical small residential applications, with an efficiency of heat generation higher than 150% (EN12309)...

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2012.01.27 Kick off Meeting

The Kick off meeting for the launch of the Heat4U Project has been held in the Robur Headquarters in Verdellino (Bergamo), Italy on 27th Jan. 2012.
The project partners took part to the KoM introducing their own company and activities within the project.

Attached documents: Group picture - KOM, January 27, 2012

2012.01.26 International Conference

Innovation and technology: this is the two-pronged foundation of HEAT4U, i.e. one of the most important international research projects in the area of climate change and energy efficiency applied to the built environment, which also falls under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) promoted by the European Community...

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