The project management is aimed to guarantee transparency and commitment of all partners and thus to facilitate a smooth and successful project evolution. It assures that the project meets its objectives on schedule, according to budget and quality assurance procedures. A specific work package is devoted to project management activities (WP 9).

The HEAT4U project is supported by a coordination structure and decision making mechanisms to cope with the complexity of the project and the degree of the integration required.
The project management will encompass the following processes according to ISO9001 quality procedures:

  • implementation;
  • quality assurance & monitoring;
  • knowledge management.

Management structure

The structure of the project management is shown in the below figure.

Strategic planning and project driving will be responsibility of a Project Coordination Committee (PCC, consisting of the Project Coordinator and one representative from each partner) while the overall project coordination will be assigned to the Project Coordinator (PC).

Work Package Leaders (WPL) will be nominated for each WP to co-ordinate the activities foreseen in the work package. The Coordinator (PC) for the overall working plan and WP leaders, each one for its part, are responsible of the efficient progression of work and monitor the proper implementation of project steps. This activities are charged to the respective RTD WPs.

The Exploitation Manager (EM) will coordinate the exploitation activities of the project, will arrange the project business and exploitation plan, while the input for the Dissemination will be given by the Project Dissemination Office (PDO). In order to ensure the full deployment of the technology, a Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) will be composed of representatives of gas utilities (external to the Consortium). The SAB will be chaired by a representative of Danish Gas Center, which will perform, as active member of the SAB also tasks in parallel to the HEAT4U workplan. The SAB will also involve as experts delegates from Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association, Gasterra and Marcogaz.

Marcogaz has been involved as the leading European Association of Gas Utilities, while the others have been involved to ensure that the needs of other markets not covered in the project will be taken into account for a further deployment also in those areas. The members of the SAB will provide relevant inputs to WP1, WP7 and WP8 and will cover a strategic advisory role trough their participation to project meetings and the analysis of core deliverables of the projects. They will also support in monitoring of risks situations and advice to reduce the impact of such situation to the project schedule and results.